Craft stampers, card maker of the year award 2010

Craft stampers, card maker of the year award 2010
Craft stampers, card maker of the year award 2010

maandag 1 juni 2020

The new challenge over at Lost Coast Designs, #100 Celebrate.

Celebrate, red white and blue clowns.

Hi everyone, here a post from Riet for the Celebrate challenge.
Oh how I love these clowns, they are such great stamps.
And as specially with the celebrate theme for this challenge.

I used:
Distressink, chipped saphire and barn door.
Acylic paints, red, white and dark blue.
Color pencils or markers, what ever will do it for you.
Dutch Doobadoo mask, stars.

I starded with the distressink colors chipped sapphire and barn door.
I wiped the ink over a craftsheet and sprayed some water on it.
I tryed to make one half red and one half blue.
Used a Dutch Doobadoo mask stars and some red and blue acrylic paint.
Red on the blue side and blue on the red side. Let it dry well.
Once its dry you slide the mask a few milimeters and go over the red and blue with a white paint (bump technic).
Let it dry well.
Now we stamp the pope clowns with stazon black on a piece of paper, and color them in and cut them out.
Pencils ore markers, what ever you like.
With a little star punch I made 3 stars en glittered them in red, white and blue.
With a little banner die, I cut a piece of left over paper and wrote “celebrate”.
Gleud the stars on a piece of whire. Now you can matt the background and glue all the pieces on.
So, I had a lot of fun making this celebration card, hope you do to.

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